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Obtaining NIE (Identification Number for Foreigners)

NIE is short for Número de Identidad de Extranjero which translates to Identification Number for Foreigners. This is a multi-purpose number for everything including banking, Tax, buying a property and registering for utility bills so its a must for all investors and prospect residence to have it.

Citizens of most countries, including other EU citizens should obtain NIE if they wish to spend more than 3 months in Spain and should have official document to prove it. Also, anyone who wishes to work or start a business in Spain is also required to register for NIE.

While this simple process could be made confusing by Spanish embassies abroad and the offices here on mainland, our team of lawyers can process this important step for you hassle-free and usually in less than two weeks.

Also, feel free to read our article about this topic on our blog here.

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