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Due Diligence

This is one of the most important steps in Spain considering the complicated licenses and registration processes and our team of lawyers go through various checks on the property to avoid unwanted issues down the road. Skipping through this step could be very costly to foreign buyers here and with Alta Moderna we check everything in details to ensure the best results.

Here are some of the areas checked for all prospect properties:

Zoning/Licenses analysis of the property

Review of the condominium status of the property

Review of any litigation or dispute over the property

Cadastral condition of the property

Payment status of taxes and community fees

Confirmation of all city certifications being up-to-date

Analysis of the community by-laws

Simple Note from the property registry to check pending debt or mortgage in addition to transfer limitations and ownership confirmation (in the event of pending mortgage we help to confirm pay-off and transfer)

For commercial and special properties we go beyond the above mentioned and provide specialized service as per the nature of mentioned assets. Contact us for more information and detailed analysis of your prospect property.

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