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Brexit 2021: Changes for UK Citizens Living in Spain or Traveling

Posted by Altamoderna on January 22, 2021

As of 2021 United Kingdom is no longer a part of EU as per completion of Brexit negotiations. This results in many changes for British citizens living in Spain or even traveling here.

Lots of changes are expected to be finalized by the authorities of both sides in the coming months; However, here we elaborate on some of the important items already in effect:

Traveling to Spain

As per the Brexit, Brits can no longer take advantage of the freedom of movement act of EU and as a result tourists can visit Spain and stay for maximum of 90 days in 180 days. This would be half of the year which will be the same restriction applied to Brits in the whole Schengen area.

If for some unforeseen reason you need to stay more than the allowed time, or need an extended duration stay due to work or studies, a permit should be obtained from local authorities at the foreign ministry (ministerio de extranjeria) or through the Spanish Consulate in London.

Movement Restrictions for Residents

After Brexit, UK citizens can no longer move to Spain as simple as before under the freedom of movement act and the once already holding valid Spain Residency card cannot travel to other EU states as before.

Also, while previously residency document was easily obtained by the brits due to withdrawal agreement (Green Card), now the same process as other foreign nationals should be taken to obtain a TIE which is much more time consuming.

Owning a Property

One of the main changes of Brexit will be for the UK citizens who do not live in Spain permanently but own and earn income from properties in Spain. This group will see a considerable increase in the amount of tax they pay which will be more than three times what they paid the year before.

As a result of not being a part of EU, Brits can no longer deduct many expenses such as mortgage interest, insurance, community fees or the IBI and for the fiscal calculations the rate will be changed to non EU resident flat rate which is 24%.

As financial advisors analyze these changes, we strongly suggest expert advice on this matter from processionals for you to know the exact details of your investment and expected returns.

Driving in Spain

Here is where things become more complicated! After Brexit the British Drivers license is no longer valid for driving in Spain unless you have already started the process of license transfer (which should have been done last year). If took advantage of this grace period, you may drive in Spain with your British license for another 6 months in which time you should have received your converted license.

But it gets worse, if you have not initiated the mentioned process until now and you are a Spain resident, then you have to register and pass the driving test here in order to be able to drive here in Spain.

We also recommend you read our other article regarding new changes to driving regulations in Spain for 2021.

Health Insurance

Your EHIC card will be valid until it expires. At which time you will need to obtain the equivalent policy here in Spain from local insurance providers. There are many options for different coverage and policies here and at Alta Moderna, we could help you select the one suitable for you and your family.

Bringing your Pet

This section also has many changes when it comes to traveling from UK to Spain with your pet (restrictions for the other way stay the same).

Now your pet has to have a microchip, certificate of vaccinations, tapeworm treatment and an animal health certificate which should be done every time you are entering your pet to Spain making traveling with your pet more complicated and time consuming.

Do not hesitate to contact us here at Alta Moderna for more support on any step of your buying process or brexit complication as our job is to make your dream come with a smooth process. Also follow our blog for up-to-date information on a diverse range of topics for newcomers to Spain.

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